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StatementS from elders and ministers

June 25, 2020

To the University Avenue Church family:


Due to the trends in the ongoing spread of COVID-19, all in-person gatherings will continue to be postponed until further notice. This includes the previously scheduled weekly worship gathering that was to resume on Sunday, July 5.


The UA leadership has been carefully monitoring the public health status in Austin and the continued rapid and record-setting spread of the virus in our area. Recommendations from the Austin-Travis County Public Health Department, including the published Risk-Based Guidelines, place the city in a Stage 4 level of risk, which recommends that even healthy individuals avoid all social gatherings and other groups of more than ten people.


The situation in Austin is, unfortunately, more serious than when the strict lockdown began. The University Avenue Church of Christ remains committed to its mission of loving others, which in this case means doing our part to lower the risk to the community and each other so that we can more rapidly return to a safer situation for all.


We know that community is essential, and the leadership is dedicated to helping us remain connected to each other while we must continue to be physically apart. We encourage all members to check in on each other, participate in or start an online Connection Group (contact us to find out how), and find ways to serve each other while remaining socially distanced.


As followers of Christ, we live in love, not in fear. We encourage you to help keep yourself, your family, and others safe. We don’t live according to a fear of the virus, which God will overcome. We live according to our love for God and our neighbors. This love is requiring challenging sacrifice of us all, but God will carry us through this time.


The UA leadership will continue to monitor the situation and will work to draw us back together physically when it is safer for all to do so.


Love God. Love Others.


The UA Church of Christ Elders and Staff

March 14, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus around the world and its immediate effects on the Austin and UT campus communities is unprecedented. It is scary, much about it is unknown, and it is invisible. It has now arrived on our doorstep as UT campus-related cases have emerged.

The leadership of the University Avenue Church of Christ has made the decision to suspend gatherings, including worship on Sunday morning, March 15, to do our part in helping mitigate the risk that COVID-19 poses to our community.

We do this as an act of solidarity with our city, our nation, and our world. We do this in accordance with the second most important commandment from Jesus Christ himself - to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Right now, loving our neighbor actually means staying where we are.

Staying where we are, rather than gathering in groups, is the best defense we have against the encroachment of a worldwide pandemic. Staying where we are is the best thing we can do to serve an overwhelmed healthcare system. Staying where we are is how we protect the most vulnerable among us. Staying where we is not an act of fear, but a wise response to a uniquely challenging circumstance.

Staying where we are is hard. We don't want anyone to be isolated and we will not sacrifice the community that Christ calls us to love. We now have new opportunities to practice community, even if that is without physically being with each other. We have great opportunities to love, to be connected by alternative means, and to help each other "not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." (Philippians 4:6).




  • Check in with your friends and neighbors. Make sure the people close to you have what they need. Get in touch with those who don't have family, the elderly, or the otherwise vulnerable during this time of social distancing. Phones will actually be a gift at this time. Even though we're apart, we can always call our communities to make sure they're doing okay. For those with smartphones: text message groups, the GroupMe app, Google Hangouts, Facebook Groups, and others offer ways to connect multiple people in many ways.
  • Be proactive with spiritually-focused family time. Be intentional with your spouse and your kids by spending time in the word, in devotional times, and activities that help strengthen each others' faith. Pray and fast on behalf of our world, our city, and our church
  • Tune in. UA will be providing online worship on Sunday mornings, along with content from the youth ministry, children's ministry, and campus ministry
  • Reach out. If you're worried about isolation, economic concerns, or feeling anxious about this issue, please reach out to our elders and ministers. Our office email is and our office phone number is 512-476-6088.