UA Youth

6th-12th Graders join us Sunday Mornings for class @ 9:30 and Wednesdays nights @7 for Sanctuary!

The mission of UA Youth is to provide a Christ-centered place that helps students navigate the questions of Christianity, the confusions of culture, the difficulties of relationships, and the foundations of identity. Using contemplative study and worship and equipping students with opportunities to be heard, to rest, to learn, and to serve, we seek to imitate the life of Christ in an increasingly complicated and challenging world by partnering with parents, mature believers, and a community of faith.


Contact: | instagram : @uastudentministry | facebook  : @uachurchyouth

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Sunday Morning Class | 9:30am in the Loft

"Let's step back and really look at scripture. Not just the unsung heroes, not just the story that everyone knows, but how those stories fit into one big picture. What does Noah have to do with Peter? How does Leviticus help us read Matthew? Join us in the youth loft every Sunday to see the story unfold."

Through scripture, conversations, video, painting walls, and other fun interactive elements our youth group will be exploring and connecting the Bible in new ways.


Join us Wednesday nights at 7pm on zoom for a time to take a breath and discover God in new and creative ways. Each week our group uses art, small groups, and reflection to recognize God and the community he has created.


The Mission of the UA Youth Group is to provide a Christ-Centered place so young people can:

  • Have a place to be heard
  • Navigate the difficulties of life
  • Be challenged         
  • Seek rest


Providing a place where young people can be heard means to:

  • Teach students to be active listeners
  • Show the importance of community
  • Be taken seriously in a vulnerable and protected environment
  • Learn to listen to the Spirit


Providing a place to help navigate life means to:

  • Help parents and youth to have healthy communication
  • Learn about the ways culture is shaping them, for better or worse
  • Gain tools to manage their own changing identity
  • Process hurts and wounds in a loving and beneficial way


Providing a place for them to be challenged means directing them to:

  • Learn from mature believers
  • Study Scripture and its truth for their lives
  • Seek opportunities to serve others both inside and outside of the church
  • Spend time in silence


Providing a place for them to learn to rest means equipping them to:

  • Actively seek rest
  • Navigate the usefulness and dangers of technology
  • Sit still with their own struggles and thoughts
  • Practice contemplative worship and studying